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With solid experience in Nickel Titanium and Shape Memory Alloy spring and wire form design and manufacturing, our engineering team can be trusted to handle your project from start to finish.

Ultimate R&D, the engineering arm of Ultimate Wireforms, Inc., provides solutions to individuals and businesses looking to introduce new shape memory products in the orthodontic and other markets. Tap into our knowledge of shape memory alloys to ensure efficient product development.


We can help you to further your business!

  • Established medical device development environment.
  • Experienced team, specializing in NiTi, Beta Titanium, and Copper Nickel Titanium wire and spring design and manufacturing.
    • Heat-treating
    • Wire forming
    • Oxide removal

Small enough to address your individual project. Big enough to provide the solution.

NiTi's Unique Characteristics

A NiTi spring transforms from its cold to warm state. Click here for more on NiTi’s unique properties.

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