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Ultimate R&D Project ManagementTransform Your Idea into Reality.

Our experienced engineering team can lead you in the right direction with these smart wires. Whether you have just a simple sketch or a defined wire or spring design to be manufactured of NiTi or CuNiTi, Ultimate R&D can help. With utmost confidentiality, our engineers design and produce wire and spring products for customers across multiple industries and applications.

Our Services

Ultimate R&D's team focuses on three primary areas. 

SMA Consulting: Shape memory alloys have unique characteristics. Whether you are a start-up or established company, our engineering group can assist your 'design team', providing guidance in specifying materials, application suitability, and product design.
Contract Manufacturing: Whether your capabilities are being strectched or you prefer to let 'the experts' handle it, Ultimate R&D is here to help. Our experience in heat and mechanical wire forming provides a solid base for us to handle your projects. The Contract Manufacturing page provides further details.
Project Management: When your application entails assistance with a spring, wire, or strip application, you can be confident that we have the expertise needed to manage your project from initial design concept through full production. Further details regarding our quality certified process can be found on the Project Management page.


Like Shape Memory materials, we're flexible!

Ultimate R&D 'cut its teeth' in the orthodontic field, but our expertise extends to the development of wire, spring, strip, and other forms of Shape Memory Alloy and Beta Titanium wire. With backgrounds in material sciences, mechanical, and manufacturing engineering, our engineers are able to quantify and qualify your needs into a finished product that meets your design objectives.

Put our expertise to work for you to:

  • Identify optimum materials.

  • Develop product prototypes.

  • Manufacture products in custom or production runs.

  • Provide machine shop services.

  • Provide wire forming services.

  • Provide packaging services.

  • Perform material and product testing, including DSC, BFR (Bend Free Recovery), tensile, and bending/modulus measurements.

Innovation and efficiency are key in today's market; we'll help you to succeed in both.