Contract Manufacturing Services

R&D Contract ManufacturingYou've worked hard to bring your concept to this point. Now, put it in good hands.

Trustworthy, hard-working, reliable, and experienced are qualities one looks for in a partner. These are the qualities Ultimate R&D brings to your project. We value our customer relationships and will treat your project with confidentiality and focus.

We have the people, processes, and equipment in place to serve your needs.

  • Experienced team, specializing in the design and manufacture of NiTi and CuNiTi alloy products.


            Wire forming.

            Oxide removal.

  • Established medical device development and manufacturing environment.
  • ISO 13485 Certified Quality System assures consistent, high quality parts.
  • Packaging services to facilitate efficient handling of your finished product.

Custom wire forming and spring coiling.

Our proficiency in design, development, and manufacturing developed over the 25+ years of research and development in wire products for the orthodontic industry. Throughout this time, we have put our knowledge of Shape Memory Alloys and their manufacturing processes to further use through contract manufacturing. We pride ourselves in being on the forefront of technology and bringing the highest quality products to fruition. Whether your capabilities are being stretched or you prefer to let 'the experts' handle it, Ultimate R&D is here to help.

Your ideas, our manufacturing insight, your new NiTi product!
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