Project Management: Design to Manufacture

Ultimate NiTi Full Project ManagementFrom idea to reality!

Efficiency is on our side. We have the expertise to take your idea from design, through qualification, and onto full production.

Spring, Wire, and Strip.

Our team of engineers is knowledgeable and experienced in Nickel Titanium, CuNiTi, as well as in our proprietary  beta titanium alloy. Whether your project entails assistance with a spring, wire, or strip application, you can be confident that we have the expertise needed to manage the full project.

Solid Engineering Principles

Working within a certified Quality System ensures that your project receives proper/thorough planning, review, and documentation. Ultimate R&D engineers follow a four phase design control process.

        Project Definition and Quality Planning.  


This step ensures that inputs are defined in qualitative and quantitative terms. During this initial step, both objectives and constraints are identified. Communication is key in defining these requirements and we are eager to work with you. Confidential handling of your ideas from start to finish is a priority.

        Design and Development.


Our specific experience in SMA in Nickel Titanium and CuNiTi-formulations, and our backgrounds in material sciences, mechanical, and manufacturing engineering, provide a solid base from which to launch your project. We have the knowledge to recommend materials, develop processes, design products, and verify physical and functional properties. We assure thMaterial and Product Testing, including Tinius Testingat our output meets your input requirements and that the project is ready to move into production.

  • Full design and development assistance.
  • Validation and Verification, as needed, for design confirmation.
  • DSC, BFR, 3-Point Bend, Tensile testing capabilities.
  • In-house machine shop and laboratory.



For over twenty years, our engineering department has developed manufacturing processes for shape memory alloy products to meet the requirements of our sister company, Ultimate Wireforms, as well as outside customers. This experience ensures your project is engineered for efficiency, reliability, repeatabiliity, and cost-effectiveness.

        Follow Up and Project Completion.


The phrase 'success is in the details' couldn't be more true. The final phase of our Design Control process ensures that we have met project objectives, including customer satisfaction, and have an accurate documentation of design and development processes.

Ultimate R&D provides confidential, objective, and professional project management. Call us today to discuss your project.