NiTi in Action

Seeing is Believing!

NiTi's shape memory and superelastic characteristics are unique to shape memory
alloys and create an opportunity for innovation in a variety of industries. The ability
of the material to transform from a pliable 'low force' state to a springy, 'higher force'
state, when subjected to a temperature change, is remarkable.

These short videos illustrate this phenomenon.


The qualities of Superelastic and Heat-activated Nickel Titanium wires.
See the superelastic property of Nickel Titanium wire in its austenitic state
and the shape memory property of a heat-activated NiTi wire as it transforms
from martensitic to austentic phases.



 Wow! That's amazing!
A Nickel Titanium spring changes from a soft condition to a superelastic condition
as it is heated through its transformation temperature. This sequence begins with
a NiTi spring in a cold state, exhibiting extreme flexibility at room temperature.
With just minimal heating [approximately -9°C (15°F)], NiTi's shape memory effect is
exhibited as the material returns to its original shape. Once the spring has 
undergone this transformation, its superelastic property is evidenced in its
resiliency, returning to its original shape with no deformation.


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