Nickel Titanium &
Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) Properties

From its History to Hysteresis, We Know NiTi!3-Point Bend Test

Shape memory and Superelasticity are unique characteristics which demand careful consideration in both design and manufacturing. With a wealth of experience in wire-based SMA applications (NiTi and CuNiTi-formulations), we know these smart wires inside and out. As well, our experience extends to product development in our proprietary Beta-Titanium alloy, wire.

  • In determining if your project can benefit from these materials, you may find it helpful to view their Material Characteristics and Applications. These provide an overview of our material properties, forces, and transformation temperatures, as well as the variety of industries where NiTi is currently in use.
  • If you are new to Nickel Titanium, or wondering if your project is suitable for NiTi, a visual explanation of its shape memory/superelastic phenomenon may provide needed insight. Further, our Glossary contains shape memory alloy related terms that you may find helpful.

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How can Ultimate R&D transform your business?

Utilize the superelastic and shape memory characteristics of Nickel Titanium to your advantage! Its elastic response provides for various applications, from actuators to quick release mechanisms. For over twenty years, our engineering group's main focus has been on the development of processes and products related to Shape Memory Alloys. Put our knowledge of shape memory alloys to work for you!


NiTi shape memory property in the Ultimate SmartLink Lure System


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