Applications of NiTi Wire

NiTi will bend over backwards for you!NiTi Applications - Rod Guides

Nickel Titanium's flexibility and temperature activation open wide the doors of opportunity! From its beginnings, engineers saw the potential of this remarkable material. 

     Resilient ~ Flexible ~ Temperature-activated
  Biocompatible ~ Wear-resistant ~ Non-corrosive

Whether you are looking for a spring, actuator, quick release wire mechanism, or other product that can benefit from Nickel Titanium's unique properties, we can help.

Nickel Titanium can spring into action in these and other applications 

  • Medical Devices: Orthodontic wires, extension or compression springs, etc.
  • Recreation: Fishing rod guides, Lure savers, Bicycle pedal releases, and more.
  • Safety gear: Scald guard, Actuators, Quick releases, etc.
  • Clothing: Footwear, Bra stays, Fasteners, Eyewear, and more.
  • Industrial/Military:Actuators, Quick releases, etc.

Ultimate NiTi engineers are experienced designers of wire-based products in

  • Nickel Titanium,
  • Beta III CNA, our proprietary nickel-free wire, and
  • Stainless Steel.

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