About Us

Ultimate NiTi Technologies, Bristol, CT USAExperienced, Responsive, Innovative

You've got a great idea and want to take it to the next step. Ultimate R&D's experience in shape memory alloy products provides the solution.

Our roots are in the design and manufacture of orthodontic products. This depth of shape memory alloy knowledge allows us to expand into other industries. Large and small companies, in an array of industries ranging from a 'Million Dollar Lure' manufacturer to biomedical firms, utilize our strengths to their benefit.

Your ideas deserve full respect. From your initial call, confidentiality and professionalism are at the forefront of our work. Ultimate R&D engineers appreciate the value of your ideas and will provide the support you need while maintaining objectivity and security. Whether we are providing design, test, or manufacturing services, all intellectual property remain fully yours.

Our resources run deep!

Ultimate R&D's engineering group includes a broad base of specialties including material sciences, manufacturing engineering, and mechanical engineering. Our engineers are respected among their peers and are involved in Standards development as well as research. Whether you are in need of product design assistance, material testing, or the manufacturing of a custom Shape Memory Alloy product, Ultimate R&D is the solution.

We have the people and resources to handle your project efficiently.